Commit to taking the #StopAdaniChallenge today!

Our campaign may be going from strength to strength, but it's clear that Adani is upping the ante too.

The federal government has established a $5 billion fund to invest in infrastructure across Northern Australia, and Adani wants their $1 billion application to be at the front of the queue.

Politics will help decide whether Adani gets the loan or not, so we need to take our political pressure up a notch and make sure that never happens. That's why we are launching a new way to pressure pollies today.

Will you take the #StopAdaniChallenge today?  

Already, the work of hundreds of Stop Adani campaigners has helped draw out MPs from both sides of politics to criticise Adani's $1 billion application. Let's keep up the pressure and see more MPs declare their concerns.

In setting the #StopAdaniChallenge, we're not asking you to contact your MP on your own - we're asking you to survey your community and to take all their voices along with your own to your MP.


These surveys - taken in church halls, community centres and at Saturday soccer will send a powerful message to MPs right across the country. Every individual or group who takes the challenge agrees to survey at least 100 people in their local community with a standard set of four simple questions.

These surveys will give us a great local snapshot of your community, and go towards telling a national story of how Australians feel about Adani's proposed coal mine. It's a simple way for you to make a powerful political impact.

We're here to help you plan, run and deliver your survey successfully - click here to take the challenge, and we'll send you a resource pack today.

Find out more at the #StopAdaniChallenge page.