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Let's stop Adani's top 5 investors!

A few lumps of coal may have left the ground. But there isn’t a single lump of coal that can leave the Galilee Basin. And together, we’ll make sure it never does.

The rail line and coal processing plants Adani needs to haul the coal aren’t built, Adani just lost a court case over the water needed to run the mine, and they can’t even dig any more coal because any stockpiled coal would be a combustion risk.

Now, our mission is to push Adani's top 5 investors — BlackRock, HSBC, JP Morgan, State Bank of India, and MUFG — to pull their money from Adani until Adani drops their coal plans.

In 2021, the last thing these major investors want is to have their brand linked to a company that is celebrating digging up dirty, climate-wrecking coal.

Together, we can and will push these 5 major investors to dump Adani, just like we've pushed over 100 major companies away from Adani.

Here's how your donation works

Your donation will go to Tipping Point, the organisation that supports the mighty #StopAdani movement and the national network of #StopAdani groups to flourish and win.

Your dollars will be hard at work...

  • supporting local groups to run hundreds of impactful actions targeting Adani's top 5 investors
  • launching powerful digital and in-person tactics that deliver our message to Adani's investors
  • producing banners, placards and flyers to get the #StopAdani message to investment company staff and decision-makers

Tipping Point is a project of Friends of the Earth Australia.

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