Stop Adani's Insurance!

UPDATE! After just one week of pressure, four of Adani's insurers - Liberty Mutual, HDI/Talanx, AXA and Aspen Re - walked away from insuring Adani's coal project! 

People power is making Adani's climate-wrecking coal mine uninsurable. Let's keep the pressure on so insurance broker Marsh choose people and the climate and dump Adani!

Thanks to leaked information from an employee of Adani’s insurance broker Marsh, we found out the names of four companies involved with providing insurance to Adani - Liberty Mutual, HDI/Talanx, and Aspen, with Marsh brokering these policies. 

These companies have been providing insurance for ‘early works’ on Adani’s coal project, but not insurance for the whole Carmichael project.

However one week after being exposed for insuring Adani, Liberty Mutual, HDI/Talanx, and Aspen have all ruled out any further insuring of Adani's climate-destroying coal project. But Adani's insurance broker Marsh are still searching for companies stupid or evil enough to provide Adani with the insurance they need to dig their destructive mine.

Dozens of major insurers have already refused to touch Adani’s toxic project. Our message to Marsh - join your competitors and do the right thing for your staff and the community and walk away from Adani.

Use this form to email Marsh, letting them know #StopAdani is onto them, and we won’t let up until they walk away from Adani’s climate-destroying project.