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We need to move beyond coal and solve Australia’s biggest climate problem

Coal is the single biggest cause of climate change and Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of coal pollution.

Right now Australia is exporting record coal volumes, and reckless billionaire mining corporations and the banks that fund them don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

In fact, there are 70 new coal mines and expansions proposed for Australia – that’s more than anywhere else on the planet.

Become a Move Beyond Coal founding donor

Australia is at the heart of the world’s biggest climate problem, but we also have one of the biggest climate solutions at our fingertips – keeping coal in the ground. 

That’s why we'll soon be launching Move Beyond Coal a big, bold, new grassroots movement that will build on the lessons and successes of #StopAdani to solve Australia's biggest contribution to the global climate crisis – starting by ending funding for dangerous coal expansion.

Your donation will fund tried and tested strategies to build a big, vibrant movement – big town hall launch events, mass trainings, support for local action groups, and producing impactful stories to help shift the narrative on coal in Australia. 

How does my donation work?

When you donate to Move Beyond Coal your money goes to Tipping Point, the behind the scenes organisation that supports the #StopAdani movement.

Tipping Point has a proven track record building and supporting movements by developing strategy and tactics, delivering webinars and training, and creating resources to make sure our movement is coordinated, relentless, and always building momentum.

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