Adani is charging ahead, starting illegal work and slashing costs. With bushfires in Winter and crippling drought gripping NSW & QLD, another Angry Summer is looming. Labor’s National Conference is coming up in mid-December. A Federal Election is not far away. Yet neither of the major parties will #StopAdani.

As the temperatures rise, so will we. Just as our politicians expect us to start slowing down for the summer holidays, from 19 November - 1st December, we’re going to organise creative community actions around the country that put our politicians on notice for the unprecedented pressure they can expect from our movement as we head into Federal election mode from early next year.


  • Check out the Fortnight of Heat action guide to help plan your action
  • Register your event on the #StopAdani website here so we can keep track of all the awesome activities happening across the country. 
  • Use the map below to find other events near you.

If you’re in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, we're holding heat-themed mass queue-ins on Labor leaders on November 22nd to really ramp up the pressure on the Labor party in the lead up to their national conference in December.

We're hosting the biggest queue-in of concerned constituents you've ever seen to say: It's hot enough already, we don't need more coal! And we're sick of waiting for Labor to get off the fence -- stop Adani now!

Will you join the queue?

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#StopAdani events are independently self-organised by community volunteers.