Making a digital strategy for your #StopAdani group

This training is for ANYONE working with digital in a #StopAdani local group (social media, email, website etc.)

What sorts of things should we post on social media, and why? How do we grow our online following? And once we have an audience, how do we move people from online engagement to offline action?

All of these questions can be tackled by getting clear on your group’s goals and making a strategy to help you achieve them!

In this workshop, we’ll work together to create a digital strategy that you can get started on straight away with your #StopAdani group. We’ll cover:

  • How to make a social media plan and roster
  • How to maximise digital recruitment
  • How to use digital for follow-up and onboarding

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Please RSVP below, so we know you're planning to join us and we'll email you the webinar link.

This #StopAdani training is on Monday 27th July from 5:30-7:00 pm AEST time. 


July 27, 2020 at 5:30pm - 7pm


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