Call Marsh CEOs in New York City!

In response to the pressure of the #StopAdani movement, Marsh announced they had a new policy to decide which clients they would and would not work with. The “policy” was one-page long and woefully inadequate - a slap in the face to the community and to Marsh’s own staff.

But it left the door wide open for Marsh to rule out Adani. The policy states that a key issue is ‘climate change mitigation’ and that if a project conflicts with this issue then Marsh ‘will review the proposed project to evaluate whether the work can proceed’. Adani’s coal project clearly conflicts with a safe climate future. We need to call on Marsh to live up their own rules and dump Adani!

Will you call Marsh CEO John Doyle and Marsh and McLennan Companies CEO Dan Glaser and ask them to rule out further work on Adani's climate-wrecking coal project?

Feeling daunted? Watch Jennifer from #StopAdani Gold Coast leave her message for Marsh CEOs before you call!