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  • How to make your call: If you call outside of of the time you booked (9pm - 7am AEDT Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne), you’ll go straight to voice message - leaving a message is great too. 
  • International calling: Many mobile phone plans include calling minutes to the US or only charge a small fee for a short call. You can also sign up to Skype to get hundreds of minutes for a few dollars.
  • Dialing: If you can't dial a "+" instead dial "0011". For example +1 212 810 5546 becomes 0011 1 212 810 5546
  • Call not connecting: Try dialing "0011" at the start instead of a "+", or try waiting a minute then dialing again.


  • Introduce yourself, let them know that you are calling from Australia to ask BlackRock to withdraw all investments in Adani.
  • As Adani's biggest investor, BlackRock is enabling Adani to massively expand coal in Australia and India.
  • BlackRock is undermining Indigenous land rights by funding Adani. Wangan and Jagalingou people have never consented to Adani's mine on their land. They are calling on BlackRock to stop funding the destruction of their country.
  • This is urgent. Adani is buying new coal mines and preparing to rapidly scale up its destruction of Wangan and Jagalingou land to increase production at its Carmichael mine. Adani is starting to send its first shiploads of coal through the Great Barrier Reef - which has just suffered its sixth major bleaching event, made worse by the burning of coal.
  • The climate science is clear - there can be no expansion of the fossil fuel industry if we are to limit global heating to less than 1.5'C. BlackRock has attempted to engage Adani over climate change, but that engagement has failed. Considering the urgency of the climate crisis, BlackRock must take stronger action and dump Adani immediately, by stopping and withdrawing all its investments in Adani.
  • If you don't get through, that's okay! Leave a voicemail instead.
  • Once you've finished your call, please fill in the form on this page to tell us how you went! Information on how your calls are being received is invaluable.