Bank of New York Mellon - Don't Support Adani

In breaking news, the Bank of New York Mellon is considering a new financial deal for Adani’s destructive Carmichael coal project. But the deal isn’t done yet, and it can be stopped. 

It's time for our movement to spring into action to stop this deal: let's flood the bank's executives with phone messages to get Bank of New York Mellon to drop Adani's destructive project like a hot coal (mine).


  • How to make your call: 9am-6pm in New York = 12am-9am Sydney time. Hence, if you call outside of 12am-9am Sydney time you’ll go straight to voice message! Every voicemail counts!
  • International calling: Many mobile phone plans include calling minutes to the US or only charge a small fee for a short call. You can also sign up to Skype to get hundreds of minutes for a few dollars.
  • Dialing: If you can't dial a "+" instead dial "0011". For example +1 212 635 1901 becomes 0011 1 212 635 1901 
  • Call not connecting: Try dialing "0011" at the start instead of a "+", or try waiting a minute then dialing again.


  • Introduce yourself, let them know that you are calling from Australia to ask them to stop providing financial services to Adani's Carmichael mine, rail and port.
  • Let them know the Indigenous people of the land where the mine is being built, the Wangan and Jagalingou, do not support the mine.
  • Let them know that if a deal with Adani goes ahead, Bank of New York Mellon is bankrolling the climate crisis by helping Adani dig a mammoth amount of dirty coal.
  • If they say they aren't funding Adani, you can a) point out that Bank of New York Mellon is already providing financial services by being the security trustee for debt related to the Carmichael project, and they should stop, and b) ask that they publicly rule out playing any new or expanded role relating to Adani’s Carmichael mine, rail line and port, and cut all ties with Carmichael and the North Queensland Export Terminal.
  • If you don't get through, that's okay! Just leave a voicemail message.
  • Once you've finished your call, please fill in the form on this page to tell us how you went! Information on how your calls are being received is invaluable.