AustralianSuper: Call on Marsh to rule out Adani!

Adani’s coal project still needs insurance for critical parts of the project. Marsh are Adani’s insurance brokers, and they have been trying to find insurance for Adani’s coal project.

Thanks to pressure from the #StopAdani movement, Marsh executives are reviewing their ‘global position on coal’ for presentation at their Annual General Meeting on 21st May.

New intel has uncovered that AustralianSuper, the biggest superannuation fund in Australia, is a major shareholder in Marsh! Shareholders can meet with companies they own holdings in. We want AustralianSuper to let Marsh know that they must walk away from Adani!

Send AustralianSuper an email letting them know that you’d like them to engage with Marsh and advise Marsh to stop helping Adani find insurance for their destructive project.

You DON’T have to be a member of AustralianSuper to send this email. But if you ARE a member, please add a line to the start of your email letting them know you are a member.