Tell Aurizon to say No to Adani's destructive coal mine

Adani can’t move a single tonne of coal unless there is a company willing to haul their coal along the train line from their proposed coal mine to their existing coal port.

One of the companies that could haul Adani's coal is Aurizon. 

At Aurizon’s AGM last year, when asked about involvement with Adani’s coal mine, the CEO of Aurizon said they don’t want to become “public enemy number one”.

But since then, Aurizon have refused to rule out working with Adani. And we know they’re in negotiations with Adani right now. We need to let Aurizon know that they will be public enemy number one, unless they do the right thing to protect people from the climate crisis, and refuse to haul Adani’s coal. 

Contact Aurizon now to make sure they don’t go down the wrong track with Adani!