Adani Vs Dad - rule out this corporate bully!

Adani have launched an all out attack against Brisbane based community activist and father Ben Pennings in an attempt to silence dissent and shut down campaigns to protect communities and the environment from Adani’s destructive mine.

Adani secretly sought court orders to raid Ben’s family home and hired a private investigator to follow and photograph him and his family, including his 9-year-old child. And now they are aggressively pursuing damages in a civil suit which threatens Ben’s family home in Brisbane.

Let’s show Adani that bullying and intimidation will not silence public opposition to their climate-wrecking coal mine, it will only make us stronger. 

Send a message to Adani’s contractors and potential insurers demanding they rule out future work with Adani - a corporate bully who is using aggressive legal strategies to silence dissent and attack a Queensland family.