#StopAdani Sydney - Hot Date with Turnbull!

Spring has come early! After the driest July since 1995, Sydney is gearing up for an early and INTENSE fire season. Paralelled to the 2013 bushfires. After a week of unseasonably warm weather we have scored a hot date! This Thursday you are all invited to a #StopAdani action with a twist. Join us for a morning of flirty fun, meeting all the wonderful Stop Adani team as we protest together. 

Turnbull's bad romance with dirty dirty coal must end. Will someone please think of the children! 

There will be activities, dancing, role play, and a picnic lunch to finish us off! Be sure to wear your best frocks and socks (red and black preferably!) :~)


August 17, 2017 at 10:00am - 11am


Georgia Wilson-Williams · · 439254458


Malcolm Turnbull’s Office
287-289 New South Head Rd Edgecliff
Sydney, NSW 2027

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