#StopAdani – Albion Park Commonwealth Bank - Rule Adani Out

Come join us at Albion Park Branch of the Commonwealth Bank to deliver the Stop Adani message. Call Tom on 0438 254 679 for details and confirmation of the branch visit time. CommBank will be deciding whether to rule out Adani’s coal mine when their board meets on the 13th June to review their climate change policy. That’s why we need your help to intensify the pressure and help them make the right decision. Enough is enough! It’s time to push CommBank harder than ever before. Once we have delivered our message in Albion Park, perhaps you might join our car-pool to another branch, finishing at Wollongong at 12:30pm outside the CommBank at 143 Crown St (on market day in the Mall), to let them know how serious we are. Wear your Stop Adani or other Climate Change tee shirt. We'll have some placards, but good to make your own too if you like. Don’t hesitate to call Tom on 0438 254 679 for details.


June 02, 2017 at 10:30am - 10:45am


Tom Hunt ·


Albion Park Commonwealth Bank
151 Tongarra Rd
Albion Park, NSW 2527

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