50 CommBank actions in a week!

Here's an exciting message from our partner 350.org Australia.

Barely two weeks ago, Westpac responded to community pressure and ruled out Adani.

While celebrations were being planned, new evidence showed that CommBank was closer to Adani than anyone knew. Within days, the #StopAdani movement elegantly pivoted its attention to CommBank, calling on them to rule out Adani once and for all.

And show up people did! Click here to watch and share a highlights video!

This wave of community power comes at a pivotal time.

Every major fossil fuel project in Australia has gone ahead with the involvement of at least one of the big four banks. Adani would love to get their hands on the big bank’s money.

NAB has already ruled out Adani. And when Westpac ruled out the project last month, we watched as our coal-loving politicians went into a media meltdown. They know that every bank that rules out Adani is one less bank Adani can get their desperately needed cash from.

Help spread the message far and wide about the community movement pushing the big banks to say no to Adani’s climate bomb.

People from all walks of life joined this wave of community pressure - parents with their babies in arms, grandparents, and students all came together with one message: Westpac ruled out Adani - Commbank now it’s your turn!

This is just the beginning. Let’s keep pushing until CommBank rules out Adani!