2018: the year we #StopAdani & move Australia #BeyondCoal

In 2017, we took great strides to #StopAdani - pushing Australian and Chinese banks to say no to funding the mine, pressuring the Queensland government to veto a $1 billion loan, and seeing Downer break $2 billion in ties with Adani. 

Along the way, we built a colourful and powerful national movement, whose vision for a world without Adani’s mine is shared by the majority of Australians.

There are now well over 160 active groups across the country, and the combined membership of these #StopAdani groups and the combined membership of the Stop Adani Alliance well and truly exceeds two million Australians.

At the start of 2018, the Federal Labor Party became increasingly skeptical about Adani's project but has still not publicly opposed Adani's mine, and rail operator Aurizon withdrew their application for taxpayer funds to build Adani's rail line. 

This year, the #StopAdani movement is ramping up to stop Adani’s mine once and for all, and fundamentally shift the politics of coal. Our plans already include:

  • Documentary Screenings: On February 22, we launch our second documentary, #StopAdani: A Mighty Force. This will be screened by communities in communities around the country and it will grow and galvanise local action groups for the year ahead.
  • Campaign Boot Camps: Hundreds of grassroots leaders are coming together at dozens of bootcamps around the country to set strategy and plan activities for the year ahead.
  • Sustained Local Actions: Throughout 2018, #StopAdani local action groups will take action in their communities, again and again, generating unwavering pressure on every MP to commit to do what it takes to #StopAdani. These volunteer groups are committed to getting on with the important work of stopping new coal mines in Australian and investing in clean energy.
  • Mass Mobilisations: At key political moments, we will mobilise to demonstrate the power and size of our movement and show Adani, potential financial backers and our politicians that we won’t stop until we #StopAdani.
  • Electoral Organising: In the lead up to the next federal election, we’ll pull out all the stops to knock on thousands of doors, have thousands of conversations and make moving beyond coal mines like Adani the biggest issue to shape how Australians vote, including in the seat of Batman.

The vast majority of Australians want to Stop Adani. In 2018, we’re going to do what it takes to make sure our politicians finally listen to the two-thirds of Australians who want to stop this polluting coal mine proposal once and for all.