Geelong Doorknock to Stop Adani

Our new Prime Minister is backing coal billionaires, not Australians! That is not on. Right? We don’t support Adani, yet our politicians do. They could #StopAdani tomorrow, but they won’t unless they can see, feel and hear our movement everywhere. That’s why we're joining the National Doorknock to #StopAdani. We're going to let our communities know what is at stake with Adani, invite them to join our movement and put up signs on every street! All you need to bring is your passion for a healthier planet and your conversation skills! For more information visit the facebook page for this Geelong event or Sign Up right now using the link.



October 06, 2018 at 1:30pm - 4:30pm


Kathleen Rix ·


Eastern Hub Geelong - Seasons Cafe
285A McKillop St
East Geelong, VIC 3219

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