150+ groups across the country ready to #StopAdani

More than 150 grass-roots community groups have formed so far as the movement to #StopAdani sweeps across Australia.

The Stop Adani campaign has been overwhelmed with supporters who are joining up to stop this dirty coal mine and safeguard our climate, our reef, our groundwater and Indigenous land rights.

Here are five awesome actions across the country that our passionate volunteers have taken part in over the past few weeks.

1. Stop Adani Sydney's heroic effort at the official Westpac 200th birthday bash sent a loud and clear message to Westpac that Australia wants them to rule out funding Adani. Westpac is the only big Australian bank that hasn’t said they won’t fund Adani’s giant coal mine. Westpac’s CEO broke his silence in response to this awesome action but still wouldn’t promise not to invest in the project. Shame! Sydney.jpg

2. The amazing crew from Bendigo occupied their local Westpac branch for more than 3 hours last week! Their aim was to remind their local bank that they don't have the social license to bankroll Adani and profit from global warming. Nice one, Bendigo!


3. When the CEO of Adani in Australia turned up at the Hilton in Brisbane, Stop Adani Brisbane organised a vigil outside to make sure Adani knows we’re on their tail.

4. Stop Adani Melbourne coordinated some cheery festivities at the Westpac Collins St branch. Westpac was presented with a cake and an opportunity to rule out funding Adani, neither of which were taken up by the bank.


5. Finally, we can't fail to mention the legends over in Perth who strung up a big, beautiful banner and occupied a CBD Westpac branch over the lunch break, to highlight Westpac's hypocrisy as the self-proclaimed "most sustainable bank" which has already funded Adani to the tune of millions of dollars. 


The battle to stop this mine is shaping up as Australia's most important environmental fight ever, and this is only the beginning. Don't just watch this space, join us and make sure you're part of the biggest movement in Australia's history!