CommBank HQ Mass Game-In

**IMPORTANT: Dress in office attire! CommBank are playing games with our climate future, so we're playing games in their office foyer. Join us for a sit-in at CommBank's head office to play games - it's a game-in! This is a respectful, disruptive, and non-violent action. All welcome!

CommBank tell us they believe in keeping climate change under 2 degrees - yet they are the biggest funder of fossil fuels in Australia. Their money is funding climate destruction, including the irrecoverable death of half of our Great Barrier Reef. It's tragic and unacceptable.

We've tried asking them nicely to stop, and they've kept funding fossil fuels. Now it's time to make sure they can't ignore our message by playing board games, fun activities, choir games, and much more, in the foyer of their head office! Our message will be simple: CommBank, stop playing games with our climate future and rule out Adani!

**ACTION DIRECTIONS: At 8am on Monday July 24th at 201 Sussex St, simply walk into the foyer dressed in your best office attire, take a seat or grab a coffee at the coffee cart inside the foyer, wait until you see a group of people begin to play board games, then join in with the fun!

#StopAdani #CoalBank #NoNewCoal


July 24, 2017 at 8:00am - 2pm


Kate Read ·


Commonwealth Bank Headquarters Sydney
201 Sussex St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Will you come?

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