Brisbane Inner North

We come from diverse backgrounds and a mix of ages from mid 20s upwards into the third age. Some of us have been active for years, others are new at it, so we are always learning from each other. It's great to support and encourage each other, keep up to date, be involved in local activities we stage to raise awareness and try to win over more ordinary people to speak up about the climate crisis. Some of us like to lobby, some like to chat to people, some like to shout at protests - we cater for everybody. We are dead set to stop Adani but also to share the positives about justice for jobs, sustainable energy and more. We aren't into long political discussions and are definitely keen to learn more about how to be effective in our circle of neighbours and friends. We meet every few weeks or whenever there is some action or activity coming up. And we always enjoy a good laugh when we get together.

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