Andrew Giles - No public money for Adani!

We're joining people all around the country demanding that our MPs speak out against a billion dollars of public money going to a billionaire to build a coal mine!

We're meeting our MP Andrew Giles in his electorate office at 11am.

He is an ALP member, so we will be asking him to follow Wayne Swan's example and speak out against public money going to Adani.

If you want to make your views known to Mr Giles, please come to our briefing at 10:20am with Basha Stasak, ACF's Carmichael campaigner, who will fill us in on how to have an effective meeting with an MP!

Jahdomes Bakery & Cafe is in the Stables Shopping Centre where Mr Giles's electorate office is, so we will be only a short walk from our meeting place. There is car parking nearby.

Hope to see you there!


May 15, 2017 at 10:20am - 11:50am


Michael Pulsford · · 477770158


Jahdomes Bakery & Cafe
Stables Shopping Centre 314-316 Childs Road
Mill Park, VIC 3082

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