What does my MP need to hear?

Depending on what party your MP belongs to, we need to send a different message.  For example:


  • Liberal MPs need to hear that we don’t support a $5Bn slush fund for Matt Canavan to use to pick favoured projects in his neighbourhood, and that there are better ways to invest $5Bn in Northern Australia e.g. renewable energy projects, better communications, and to support innovation in sustainable agriculture

  • National MPs need to hear they should back their actual constituency - farmers - instead of big mining interests. They should speak out against a a mine that will give unlimited, free water to Adani, and get $1BN in public funding to do it.

  • Labor MPs need to declare their active opposition to public funding for this project, and we can also push them to go further to oppose the project outright.

  • Crossbenchers (Greens, Independents, Xenophon Team, One Nation) hold a myriad of views, but it is always worthwhile letting them know where their constituents (i.e. you) stand - your opposition to NAIF funding for this project, and the depth of community opposition to the project overall.

For a snapshot of where each political party stands on NAIF, and where we need them to be, see this one page backgrounder.