Port Douglas Shire Council votes to oppose Adani’s mine, citing threat to Reef jobs

Port Douglas, Queensland. The Stop Adani Douglas Shire Alliance has warmly welcomed the Douglas Shire Council yesterday voting unanimously to oppose new coal mines in the Galilee Basin, including Adani’s mine, because of the threat posed to the Great Barrier Reef, tourism jobs and the climate.  

The Mayoral Minute, voted for by all councillors, and photos of community supporters both in and outside Council chambers on Tuesday, can be found here.

Spokesperson for the Stop Adani Douglas Shire Alliance Anita Everett, a mother and former tour guide who works in Reef hospitality said, “This is a stunning result for our community which relies so heavily on tourism from our precious Great Barrier Reef. We’re now calling on other Councils and the Queensland Government to follow suit.

“As Mayor Leu’s motion points out, 80 per cent of the Douglas Shire’s economic activity is generated by the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree National Park. If Adani’s mine goes ahead, we risk not only the Reef but our economic livelihoods.

“As a mother, a Reef tourism worker and proud resident of the Douglas Shire I feel strongly that there are so many better ways to invest in the future.

“Already we’re seeing changes to weather in our region from climate change. Locally, we’ve just had one of the driest seasons in 40 years and wet seasons are getting hotter and drier.

“Just one sign of a shifting climate is crocodiles. Warming waters means crocodiles are swimming for longer periods of the year in our oceans and rivers, rather than conserving their energy on the riverbanks.

“It’s nonsensical that Adani has been given a license to suck up as much Queensland groundwater as they’d like to run their polluting mine. Dredging Abbot Point to expand a port which will send more ships through the Reef will also be damaging, especially when you consider the opportunities that clean energy presents.  

“The Stop Adani Douglas Shire Alliance will not stop until we stop this project. On Saturday 7 October we’re holding a climate and reef awareness day on Four Mile Beach. There’ll be information stalls, prizes, speakers and a Reef inspired sandcastle competition.  Residents are invited to join us to create a human sign spelling out ‘Coral not Coal,” Ms Everett said.