Go Renewables

It’s time to stop thinking small. Australia is the sunniest continent on earth, and one of the windiest. We can unleash our bountiful renewable resources and repower Australia with cleaner, cheaper energy.

With strong climate and clean energy policies we can create one million new jobs by 2040 - jobs that make our towns and cities healthier, more productive and more comfortable places to live.1

All that’s standing between us and a clean energy future is a handful of big polluters who want to protect their profits. It’s time for them to get out of the way, so the rest of us can get on with building a sun-powered country!

People are already voting with their rooftops. More than five million Australians live in solar-powered homes. They’re doing their bit to clean up the climate and cut energy costs. It’s time for our governments to step up and join the party.

Going renewable means jobs we can count on. Around the world, more people already work in solar than coal. Just this year, a handful of clean energy projects will employ 1,680 people in Queensland and 4,105 across the country - that’s more jobs in 2017 than the entire Adani mine would create!2

Plummeting prices are a game-changer. The cost of rooftop solar has fallen 60 per cent over the past 5 years, and is still falling.3 Wind and solar power cost less to build than coal or gas. Rooftop solar is now cheaper than retail electricity.

Australia can win the renewables race. There are now shelves full of rigorous independent studies showing that Australia can go 100% renewable, with existing technology, and save lots of money on fuel costs on the way.

The sun, the wind, heat from the earth, the power of moving water - why wouldn’t we want to tap these everlasting resources, which nature bestows freely and in abundance? It just makes sense.

Even Australia’s biggest polluters agree that coal is over and the future is renewable. They know that fossil fuels are past their use-by date now that we’ve invented better, cheaper, cleaner technology to power our homes and workplaces.

Going renewable will create a massive investment boom. Australia urgently needs to diversify our economy, and our huge natural advantage as a sunny, windy country makes renewables a logical choice. The sooner we transition, the sooner we can export clean energy to the world.