Jam W.R. Berkley's Phones!

Adani’s insurance is a house of cards and together our movement is shaking its foundations. By pushing prominent Lloyd’s insurer W.R. Berkley to rule out Adani, we could knock out the key piece that sends the whole thing tumbling down.

Call W.R. Berkley's office now to demand they refuse insurance for the climate-wrecking Adani Carmichael coal project.

Right now W.R. Berkley have a choice to make. They can rule out helping Adani destroy our climate, drain Queensland’s water and undermine Indigenous land rights, or face relentless public pressure from the #StopAdani movement until they do.

Let's flood their phone lines to pressure them to rule out Adani!

Feeling daunted? Watch an example of Jennifer from #StopAdani Gold Coast leaving a message for Marsh CEOs before you call!