#StopAdani front of stage at Byron Bay Bluesfest

A swag of musicians will take the #StopAdani campaign to a 100,000 strong audience at the five day Bluesfest at Byron Bay this Easter, with the highlight being a show-stopping concert moment with the multi-platinum selling, ARIA and APRA award winning band The John Butler Trio on Sunday 1 April from 10.15pm.


Over a dozen musicians and bands, including Ziggy Alberts, William Crighton, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Dog Trumpet and more, will fly the #StopAdani flag on the Bluesfest’s many stages, with #StopAdani banners and eye-catching t-shirts and earrings. They will speak to the massive Bluesfest audience about joining the fight to stop the proposed Adani mega coal mine from being built in Central Queensland. Photos will be made available on StopAdani flickr.

John Butler, a #StopAdani Ally, says, "Coal has had its time. We need to give renewables everything we've got now. We must stop this mine."

“If we allow Adani to go ahead the mine will not only be the one of the world's largest, it will be one of our generation's greatest regrets.  

“We owe it our children, and their children’s children, to make sure this environmentally reckless mine never sees the light of day”.

Contact:  Emma Bosworth, Green Music Australia, 0477 454 540
Green Music Australia is 
mobilising musicians to take this vital campaign to a broader audience.


  • Recent polling found nearly two thirds of Australians now oppose the mine and three quarters of Australians support a policy to halt the expansion of coal mining and fast-track solar power and storage to reduce the threat of climate change.

  • If Adani’s mine goes ahead, it would the biggest coal mine ever seen in Australia, and one of the biggest in the world.

  • Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter - the mining and burning of coal is our single biggest contribution to global warming.

  • The biggest risk to the Great Barrier Reef is global warming, causing catastrophic bleaching events in 2016 and 2017.

  • The Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council (on whose land the mine would be dug) have four times said no to Adani’s plans for a mine, and are currently fighting the matter in court.

  • 28 financial institutions have so far ruled out financing Adani’s mine.

Visit the #StopAdani campaign website: www.stopadani.com
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