Brisbane - Mighty Force Mini Film Fest

Come join us for a mini film fest featuring the premiere of - #StopAdani: A Mighty Force.

As well as other short films we will have guest speakers, StopAdani merchandise and delicious baked goods all within the yard of a fantastic licensed venue.

Join us from 6pm (6:30 start), 22nd of February at Wandering Cooks.

Tickets available at the door.


February 22, 2018 at 6:30pm - 8pm


Wandering Cooks
51 Fish Ln
South Brisbane, QLD 4101


Jai H ·
Neridah Murray-Douglass  + 4 people (Bob & Vija Russell +2) Scotia Monkivitch Alison Hearle Carolyn ONeill Robyn Whale Andrew McLean Liz Lokhorst Laura Smith Amanda Cahill Nicholas Wixted Lucy Graham Callum McWaters Sue Cooke Erin Kennedy Amie Khosla Dawn Mackay Natalie Meiklejohn Rosie Katunar Hilary Furlong Jessica Hewish Emma Bosworth Jonathan Wills therese fisher David Tucker Sarah Blessing kane solly Kathy Clements Jan McCreary Karen Browne claire clough susan schindler Mark Taylor Glen Jensen Lillian Norris alex trefny Julie Hislop Richard Noske Monique grol deborah jamieson Paul May Wallace Wight Annie O John Donald Fiorenza Jones Lesley Hughes Colleen Marney Michelle Marrinon john drew

Will you come?