Right now, politicians and mining representatives are meeting behind closed doors to decide on whether $1Bn of public money will be granted to build the biggest coal mine in Australian history.

Government support for this project will be the key that unlocks the rest of the funds that Adani so desperately needs. With elections looming, Adani will be using their money and influence to try and make sure they have support from who ever ends up in power.

We know that privately many politicians do not support this project - our task is to pressure them into speaking out and use their political power to #StopAdani.

By speaking to hundreds of community members, attending local events, having a presence on the streets and meeting with local politicians, we can wield the kind of power that will shift Australian energy politics away from coal.

The pressure on MPs is already having an impact - check out which MPs have spoken up against Adani here.

Will you take the #StopAdaniChallenge?

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#StopAdani events are independently self-organised by community volunteers.

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