Right now, politicians and mining representatives are meeting behind closed doors to decide on whether $1Bn of public money will be granted to build the biggest coal mine in Australian history.

We know that privately many politicians do not support this project - our task is to pressure them into speaking out and use their political power to #StopAdani.

Throughout July, many elected representatives will be in their home electorate office, meeting voters and hearing their views. So we need to turn up the heat and take the #StopAdaniChallenge. 

Will you take the #StopAdaniChallenge?

Here's how to take part:

Taking the challenge means taking our political pressure up a notch.

We’re not just taking our individual concerns to our MP - we’re going to undertake simple community surveys to bring many more local #StopAdani voices to our MP.  Here’s how it will work: 

    Everyone who takes the challenge commits to survey at least 100 people in their community and share the results with their MP  
    You can run an online survey, or take a clipboard to the footy, to church, or the mall. Once you sign up, we will provide you with a guide that has everything you need to get ready to survey your community.
    Whether you’re one person handing over a survey you took on your own, or you are a grassroots Stop Adani group, the action guide will help you make a plan for maximum impact to deliver your survey results to your MP.


Note: Once you sign up we will send you a full guide with everything you need to succeed in the #StopAdaniChallenge

Actions & Groups

Action type:


#StopAdani events are independently self-organised by community volunteers.

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