Stop Adani Alliance: Bigger than the Franklin

We have some exciting news to share with you today! Together along with Bob Brown, the leaders of a dozen prominent environmental organizations launched the Stop Adani Alliance in Canberra, vowing to work with you to build the biggest movement Australia has ever seen and stop the dangerous Adani coal mine in its tracks.

The ask of the Alliance is simple and clear: end public subsidies for polluting projects, revoke approvals for the Adani coal mine, declare a ban on new coal mines, and respect Indigenous rights.

We stand for urgent and serious action to cut carbon pollution. We know this massive mine will fuel catastrophic climate change, and that it trashes Indigenous rights. We know that coal kills people, that Adani can’t be trusted, and that our future lies with clean, renewable energy.

And it’s not only environmental groups, the public is firmly on our side. Today we’re releasing the results of a new national poll that shows three quarters of Australians want Adani to fund their own infrastructure rather than rely on a $1 billion taxpayer subsidy. It also shows 60% of Australians understand coal fuels global warming impacts such as heatwaves, bushfires, floods, 

droughts, and more frequent storms. A clear majority, 63%, think Adani should invest in large scale solar power stations and not a new coal mine, with only 15% preferring coal over solar. Other recent polling showed 67% of Australians agree the Adani mine is a threat to our Reef and should not go ahead.


Only a handful of big polluters and their political backers want to keep us shackled to this dirty and dying industry. The cost of new renewables is now lower than fossil fuels, and we are the sunniest and one of the windiest countries on earth! Australia can win the renewables race, create a million new jobs, and solve climate change, and the public is on our side.

That’s why we joined the Stop Adani Alliance, and why, together, people from all across Australia are coming together to make stopping the Adani coal mine the fight of our times.

Are you in?

If you live in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, or Melbourne get your ticket to the #StopAdani Roadshow, a massive and inspiring town hall happening next week!

See the best photos from the day at our Flickr album. 

Launch Press Conference