Join us as we Spell It Out: #StopAdani! This is a national day of action, Oct 7

To win, it’s time for the #StopAdani movement to get bigger. Much bigger!

On 7 October, thousands of people will turn out in rallies across Australia for the #StopAdani Big Day of Action. We're going to drive the message home and literally spell out #StopAdani to our politicians in massive human signs!

We can make this huge because our movement has already shifted mountains. Together. we've pushed Westpac and CommBank to rule out funding Adani. Now we want to push our politicians to rule out lending Adani $1 billion of taxpayers’ money in a dodgy loan. We’re going to have to keep growing our movement so we can keep pushing harder than ever before.

We need you and your community to turn out for huge #StopAdani rallies and human signs on 7 October!

Find an event near you using our easy map. Can't find one near you? Host your own and add it to the map! RSVP, bring your friends, family, pets, placards, and noisemakers and let's make these human sign rallies fun, colourful, creative and so big that they saturate our media and social media channels so that we know our politicians can’t ignore us!

Here are 5 tips on how to make an event great!  here. It’s almost like organising a party with hundreds of your best friends! There’s never been a more important time to invite your community to take part.

Adani has money on their side. But we have unstoppable people power fueled by the passion and commitment to #StopAdani.

Together, let's make October 7 a huge national day of action! Join us and together we will #StopAdani.